If you are looking for a corporate gift, event souvenir, or even an entire brand production run, we would love to help. In addition to our own offerings, we already produce several other brands and a number of shop and hotel own-label gins, so we might just have the item you are looking for.

There are various levels of customisation that can be considered, starting at buying our stock gins and simply putting your marketing material in the box, going all the way through to custom label, bottle and flavour.

House labelling and corporate gifts

At the most basic level, you choose a flavour from our range of gins and vodkas, design and buy the labels, and we stick them on. There is no extra charge for this beyond the usual cost of our gin/vodka.
Ely Gin advises on the information that must be on the labels and how the labels need to be delivered in order to fit in our labelling machine. In addition, we can suggest a label printer, if that is required.

Further customisation

If you are looking to deviate from our standard bottles or flavours, then please contact us for more details.