We are pleased to be able to offer Infugintonic infusion bags.
Infugintonic is a Spanish company; this is a translation of the ingredients list.

Allergen information: contains nuts.

  • Angelica Gin (Angelica Gin – black box)
    lemon peel, licorice, juniper and angelica
  • Brisa de Trafalgar (Trafalgar Breeze – blue box)
    orange peel, safflower, lemon peel, slices of apple, hibiscus and rosehips
  • Beso de Frutas (Fruit Kiss – purple box)
    blackberries, red currants, strawberry, sweet blackberry leaves, jasmine flowers, apple pieces, elderberries, quince pieces and cocoa beans
  • Caracia Prohibida (Forbidden Caress – orange box)
    cascara orange, tangarine peel, lime peel, fig, pineapple, date, vine leaf, calendula petals (marigold) and raisins
  • Classic Gin and Tonic – (yellow box)
    lemon pieces and juniper
  • Fruta Refrescante (Refreshing Fruit – green box)
    strawberry, mint, rose petals, strawberry leaves, hibiscus, rosehip and apple pieces
  • Pasion Afrodisiaca (Aphrodisiac Passion – red box)
    pineapple, coconut, mango and papaya pieces, apple, rosehip, granada flowers, tangerine peel, orange slices, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, acai berries
  • Ragos Arabes (Arabic Traits – brown box)
    cinnamon, almond (nuts), apple, raisins, hibiscus and rosehip
  • Sabor a Azahar (Orange Delight – white box)
    orange, orange peel, orange blossom, elderberry, strawberry, apple, hibiscus, pineapple and rosehip
  • Sueno Andalusi (Andalisian Dream – pink box)
    orange peel, rose petals (red and yellow roses), apple, rosehip, hibiscus and elderberries