Market traders wanted!

The Ely Gin Company is now in it’s eighth year of trading. We are looking for budding traders interested in becoming part of this success story by selling our exciting products on one of the many high-quality markets and food-festivals around the country.


You do not need to have worked on a market before.

We need two types of people. If there is a Saturday or Sunday Market near you that you think would be the perfect place to sell our products, and you would like to prove that to us, then you’re the first person we want. The second person we need does not want a regular commitment, but is happy to give us an entire weekend once or twice a month and doesn’t mind some local travel.

A weekly market tends to be more financially rewarding overall, but requires commitment. By contrast, occasional weekend events may not pay as much, but offer more flexibility.


To do this job, there are four basic requirements that you need to fulfil:

  • You must be able to lift heavy boxes without hurting yourself.
    • Gin is heavy stuff and you must be able to lift boxes of it (up to 25kg). Additionally, it may be necessary to erect and disassemble your own market stall.
  • You must have your own vehicle
    (although we might be able to supply a vehicle if you live close to Ely).

    • It will be necessary for you to transport the products to the market (along with the afore-mentioned market stall). As a guide, if your car can take four adults and has fold-flat rear seats, it is probably big enough.
  • You must be polite, presentable and personable.
    • You’re going to be in the public eye representing The Ely Gin Company. ‘Nuff said.
  • We would like you to have a Personal Licence to sell alcohol
    (or commit to obtaining one within 6-months).

    • To sell alcohol on many markets will require the stall-holder to obtain a “temporary event notice”. We can help with this in the beginning, but since the number of licences per person per year is limited, we will not be able to cover all markets under our own licence.
      (We are very sorry, but if you have criminal convictions that would prevent you obtaining a Personal Licence, we are unable to accept your application.)

Naturally, you will be given full product training before being let loose.


Having given up your weekends for us, what will you get in return? We have two different payment models:

  • In the most common case, you become a casual employee of Ely Gin. We pay £8 for each hour of the market, plus two hours (set-up and clear-up), plus bonuses. We may pay other expenses as well, particularly if we ask you to go outside your locality.
  • Alternatively, if you pay to attend a market or event, we do not pay an hourly rate but offer a very good rate of commission to compensate the risk you are taking (in paying for the event).


Interested? Get in touch!
We don’t want to see your C.V. Instead, please send us a short hand-written letter. We would like to know a little bit about you, why you are the perfect person for this role and, if appropriate, which market you are interested in running. Don’t forget to include contact details, including an e-mail address.

Send your application to the head-office address shown in the small print at the bottom of this page. Please mark your envelope “Trader Application”.

We’ll acknowledge receipt of all hand-written applications within a few days, so do get in contact if that doesn’t happen.

If you have some questions about the job or conditions before you apply, you are welcome to email those through.