People living near to Ely Gin HQ may have noticed that “Molly”, our Ely Gin float, is back on the road. To celebrate, we are offering free delivery within Ely of all orders over £9, at least until the batteries run out.

a picture of a milk float

That’s it – no catch! Just order from this web-site and select the free delivery option.

This option is open to all postcodes within Ely – bounded by the A10 to the south and west, the fields in the north (between Ely and Chettisham) and the roundabout to Queen Adelaide in the east. If you know you live in Ely but your postcode does not bring up the free delivery option, we may have missed you out (this is a particular problem around Beresford Road). Let us know and we’ll fix it.

We adhere to the current government guidelines for responsible deliveries.