“Frequently Asked Questions”

What is this Infugintonic thing?

Infugintonic make botanical infusion bags, like little tea bags for your gin. Ten different blends are available, all hand-made with natural botanicals and carefully balanced flavours. Simply pour yourself a healthy measure of gin, vodka, white rum, or even sparkling water, then drop one of our botanical bags into the glass. Allow a few minutes for the ingredients to infuse into the drink, then add tonic or ice to taste.

Why are these labelled in Spanish?

Infugintonic is a Spanish company based in Barbate, in the Cádiz region of Spain. However, each box is supplied with information in English detailing the flavours and ingredients, what to do with the bags, and suggests which gins and vodkas work particularly well with each flavour.

What flavours do you have?

Currently 10 different flavour combinations are made. They are listed on this page.

Does this product contain nuts?

Yes. The “Hints of Arabia” bag contains almonds, so the other bags “may contain nuts”.

Aren’t these a bit pricey?

These products are hand-made, using only quality ingredients. Sure, we could make them by machine, or using cheaper ingredients, but then they would not be Infugintonic any more.

All Infugintonic products are handmade.

Infugintonic believes in quality: by making the products by hand, we ensure that every bag contains all the necessary ingredients. By contrast, in a machine-made product, the very big mixtures required to fill the machine would make it very difficult to ensure that mixing has taken place correctly. To counter this, other manufacturers add artificial flavours; we do not see the point of buying quality gin and then adding cheap ingredients to it.

Additionally, the hand-made process means that Infugintonic is always fresh. We can make small batches as required, and ship these out immediately. That’s not possible with the quantities required by machine manufacturing.

How often can I use each bag?

Each bag is used once, just like a tea-bag. However, a bag will flavour a generous glass of gin or vodka.

How many bags are there in each little box?

Each box contains a single bag. The “taster” pack, therefore, contains 10 infusion bags.

How long does it take?

Let’s be honest, we do not want to wait for that G&T, do we? The manufacturer suggests removing the bag after a few minutes, but we just leave the bag in place while enjoying the drink.

What is the life-time/best-before for this product?

These bags contain dried ingredients and so can be kept more-or-less indefinitely in a cool, dry, place. The actual “best-before” date is shown on the back or bottom of the box and is typically 12-18 months after purchase.

Does this only work with straight gin?

The infusions work best with straight gin or vodka. They can be overwhelmed if they are added to a product that is already strongly flavoured.

Can these be used with Prosecco?

The floral and berry infusions (such as Andalusian Dream, or Fruit Kiss) do work well with Processo. The citrus infusions work less well (at least to our taste).

Can these be used with non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes, of course, but they work best where the base drink is not too strongly flavoured.

How much do these bags infuse?

These bags are designed to infuse a glass of gin or vodka (as oppose to an entire bottle).

Do these bags contain any artifical ingredients?

No they do not! These bags contain only natural dried fruits, petals, herbs, etc.

Are these suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, although they are not certified as such.

Can I change the contents of a box?

No, sorry. The boxes are prepacked with all 10 flavours.

Will my husband like these?

We believe so!