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Downham Ciders

They say: “The slow fermentation in Downham Cider captures the natural flavours and aromas, with a fresh apple taste. In the New Year, this changes when the malolactic fermentation starts in Spring, giving the final intense refreshing flavours.”
We say: this stuff is delicious!

  • Tickle: this medium cider is made using three varieties of apples grown in Downham Market, to give a mature crisp tasting cider. 6% alcohol
  • Jonagold: this Cider has a golden haze and the apple taste is unwrapped in your mouth. Aged for two years, the taste is rich with bittersweet fruit. This cider is made only in a year when the fruit is really good. 6% alcohol

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These are 500ml bottles.


Downham Tickle, Jonagold