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Botanical Infusion Bags For Gin And Vodka


Make your drink personal with these botanical infusion bags!

Here’s a great idea, all the way from Spain.

Infugintonic bags are like little tea bags for your gin. Pour yourself a healthy measure of gin, vodka, white rum, or even sparkling water, then drop one of these bags into the glass. Allow a few minutes for the natural ingredients to infuse into the drink, then add tonic or ice to taste. Voilà! (as they sometimes say in Spain), your drink will be even more delicious than before.

Buy a single bottle of gin, enjoy a different drink every night.

This pack contains 9 different flavours combinations (one sachet of each), together with a leaflet describing what each flavour is and how to infuse it.

And for best results, why not add a bottle of our London Dry Gin into the mix as well?

Please note that this product contains nuts (almonds).

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