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Mead, the world’s oldest alcoholic drink, is created by honey and water fermented with yeast, sometimes containing various fruits, spices, grains, or hops. 
The earliest recorded evidence of mead’s existence dates from 7000BC, where archaeologists discovered pottery vessels in northern China that have shown chemical signatures consistent with honey, rice, and organic compounds associated with fermentation. Once the Vikings’ drink of choice, it was also believed to improve health and prolong life.

  • Lyme Bay Traditional Mead: a sweet, full-flavoured mead with rich, deep honey flavours and a moreish honeycomb finish. A great accompaniment to strong cheeses and full-flavoured casseroles. 14.5% alcohol
  • Lyme Bay Black Cherry Mead: a beautiful combination of the sweet and tart flavours of honey and wild cherries. Perfect on the rocks, it is a great accompaniment to dark chocolate, rich desserts and even steak. 11% alcohol
  • Lyme Bay Tournament Mead: a dark & sweet mead, beautifully married with a discreet hint of ginger. Lovely served at room temperature with spicy food, strong cheeses or chilled with ice cream. 11% alcohol

All bottles contain 750ml of mead. Any meads not shown in the drop-down list are currently out-of-stock.

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Black Cherry, Tournament, Traditional