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If you fancy your honey a little bit alcoholic, why not consider one of these meads?

  • Lyme Bay Traditional Mead: sweet and moreish, with rich, deep honey flavours. 14.5% alcohol
  • Lyme Bay Black Cherry Mead: a mead with the deep flavour of black cherry, and a striking sweet-yet-tart finish. 11% alcohol
  • Norfolk Amber Wildflower Mead: a traditional style mead made with honey from bees that have foraged on wild-flower meadows. Sweet, with notes of citrus. 14% alcohol
  • Norfolk Woodland Mead: woodland honey is used to make a beautiful, deep and moderately sweet mead. 14% alcohol

All bottles contain 750ml of mead. Any meads not shown in the drop-down list are currently out-of-stock.

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Black Cherry, Traditional, Wild Flower, Woodland