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A taste of North Norfolk!
The Norfolk Brewhouse is owned and run by Rachel and David Holliday – a couple with a passion for crafting distinctive, high-quality beers.
The names of their beers are inspired by the wildlife around them, in this case reflecting the stunning sight of wild hares transfixed by the moon.

We offer the following of their range:

  • Dewhopper: this lager pours to a light gold colour, with a crisp, hoppy finish that makes this beer the number one choice for both craft enthusiasts and casual drinkers. (4% abv)
  • Hiberno: this warming copper ale offers a well-balanced smooth complex fruit and floral flavour. A lovely warming winter ale. (4.5% abv) (Available end October)
  • Jigfoot: this golden ale has a well-hopped character, citrus notes and a crisp finish. (4% abv)
  • Jumper: this amber ale combines a full-bodied bitterness with fruity overtones, creating an impressive flavour and a smooth lasting finish. (3.9% abv)
  • Nibbler: a ruby bitter with a rich, spicy, roasted aroma and a full malty body, resulting in a full-bodied mouthfeel. (4% abv)
  • Stubblestag: a gluten-free lager that pours to a medium gold colour, with a deep (but light) head formation, giving a hoppy bitterness in the finish which makes this beer eminently drinkable and refreshing. (5% abv)
  • Triskele: a smooth, dark porter infused with orange and coriander. Brewed using 5 malts, including Maris Otter and also an oak-smoked wheat malt for a hint of smokiness.(4.5% abv) (Available end October)

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These are 500ml bottles.


Bouchard (mild), Dewhopper (lager), Jumper (amber ale), Nibbler (ruby bitter), Pintail (gluten free ale), Stubblestag (gluten free lager)

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