Run your own gin business – no experience required!

Gin is a massive and growing market right now, so why not get your own slice of the action? You do not need to know anything about gin to run your own company (although it helps), you just need a great product name, an eye-catching logo, and lots of enthusiasm.

Working in collaboration with Ely Gin, you will bring your product to market, through web-sites or through face-to-face sales. We have around 50 different recipes, all made using whole, fresh, ingredients; you can pick, choose and modify these for your own product line. We’ll do the bottling while you do the selling.

We will advise you on the labelling and legal requirements, and we can even help by suggesting routes to market. We manufacture for a number of different brands, so we are experienced with the difficulties and pitfalls of starting your own company.

A realistic investment for starting a business like this is just £5K-£10K.

Keen to get started? Of course you are! We suggest you take a little look at the document below. After that, please get in contact with us at

Start here: starting your own gin company.